Dallas and I (Luis) are a young couple in their late 20’s that would love to be part of the future farmers of Vancouver Island that care and provide fresh, local and nutritious greens for their community.

We started Ultimate Microgreens back in September 2019. We have always been interested in where our food comes from, in fact for the last 6 years, we have grown a spring, summer, fall garden but have always struggled with our winter garden. It was not until we discovered microgreens that we could produce fresh greens that we can enjoy year-round. This provided us food security and we wanted to share this with Vancouver Island, and that’s why we decided to expand our expertise and start growing for the public.

With regards to our greens, we like to provide the best there is and therefore we use Organic non-GMO seeds, although we are not certified organic, we do not use any pesticides in the growing process of our greens. In fact, all we use to grow is organic seed, organic growing medium, water & artificial light light.

We are able to provide our greens with the perfect growing conditions they require as we grow indoors. Not in a greenhouse but in a dedicated enclosed growing facility. This ensures that we can control the airflow, humidity, and other growing parameters so we can produce the best microgreens possible year round.

Our goal is to expand Ultimate Microgreens and incorporate other products in the future, we would like to provide Vancouver Island our services and reduce the dependency on greens that come from the United States that are days to a week old before being displayed for sale at stores. But for now, all we want to do is to get to know our community and to earn their trust.